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"Minimum 6 or all the activities"

"6 activities - Rs 18K & 11 activities- Rs30K "

1 May - 01 Monday A Day Of Scuba Finkick
2 May - 03 Wednesday Summer Funday Funcity & Bluo
3 May - 05 Friday A day of Golf Poona Glof Club
4 May - 08 Monday A day of Self Defence School Ground
5 May - 10 Wednesday Day of motor sports INDI Karting
6 May - 12 Friday A day of Rock activities Adventure Plus
7 May - 15 Monday A Day of horse riding Digvijay Pratishtan Horse Riding Academy
8 May - 17 Wednesday A day of targets Della Adventure park- Lonavla/praso
9 May - 19 Friday Nature and Water Fun Tulapur
10 May - 22 Monday A Day of Rope Activities Adventure Plus
11 May - 24 Wednesday A Day In A Village Wadner khurd shivarul Pune

*Schedule and activities may be subject to minor changes and can differ according to cities. Any changes will be intimated to participants well in advance.

5. Medical and / Custody Condition

Do your children suffer from any medical condition?


Is there any custodial information or any Family Court order affecting customer today of, or access to the children? *If you answer yes, please mention below.


6. Indemnity Bond-Cum- Undertaking by Parent

This Indemnity Bond-cum-undertaking is executed by (Parent) (hereinafter called the "Executor"' which expression shall unless excluded by the context or the meaning thereof be deemed to include his/her heirs, executors, administrators and legal representatives) in favor of SV EduSports Private Limited (hereinafter called “EduSports”).

Whereas Miss/Master (hereinaftér called the member), child of the executor has at the request of the executor been admitted to the (Program) for the purpose of receiving education, sports, experiences inter alia.EduSports is India's leading Integrated School Sports/Physical Education Company. Since, EduSports is giving the Services to the members of the program. EduSports has informed the Parents regarding the program.

I hereby confirm that I have gone through the guidelines/rules and regulations prescribed by EduSports to be followed by their members during the said tenure of program & activities, which I have found very appropriate, and the same has also been read and understood by my son/daughter. With my(Executor) free consent, I hereby execute this Indemnity Bond cum undertaking with respect to the program conducted by EduSports.

I, (Father /Mother of the Student abovenamed) the Executor herein, has agreed to the terms and conditions hereunder

Now it is here by agreed by the Executants here to as follows:

(a) I acknowledge that I am aware of the various activities (including sporting and adventure activities) that is included in the program. I warrant that the above named member enrolled is mentally and physically capable to participate in these activities/ program.

(b) I acknowledge that the above named member participating in the program will be clothed appropriately for the physical activity with appropriate footwear. I agree to ensure that my child will meet these requirements while participating in this Sports activities/program.

(c) In the event of medical emergency involving my Son/Daughter, I consent to Edu Sports seeking all necessary medical assistance and respond to that emergency. I agree to indemnify EduSports against any cost EduSports might incur in seeking such medical assistance. I undertake and agree to hold EduSports and its staff indemnified against all such claims that may arise out of any loss or injury to the property or person (including injury resulting in death) which my Daughter /Son may suffer while or in consequence of participation in any such activity as describéd above in Paragraph (a). All expenses that may be incurred in the treatment of such injuries will be borne by me (the Executor).

(d) I acknowledge that there might be early pick up (depending on the activity), late drop off (depending on the traffic) according to the routing done by EduSports.

(e) Edu Sports reserves the right to remove my Son/Daughter from the

program where their behaviour is, in the opinion of EduSports, seriously disruptive or inappropriate. Any refunds would be as per Edusports policies

(f) I acknowledge that occasionally my Son/Daughter may be photographed for publicity purposes and I will inform the program staff If l do not want my Son/Daughter to be photographed. Such photographs may be used in Edusports collateral and for publishing in social media. I will inform Edusports in advance if I do not want my son's/daughter's photographs to be used for such purposes. I also have the right to request Edusports to not use my son/daughter's photograph in the future and remove it where possible.

(g) I acknowledge that there might be minor changes in the program Schedules and activities. I agree to any changes in the program.

(h)I also undertake and declare that I or any of my representatives will not claim any compensation from Edu Sports on account of any such Injury or loss as described in para (c). l hereby promise to indemnify and keep indemnified and harmless EduSports, its parent body, their employees/officials, from every type of loss(s) or damage(s) which may arise out, during the said activities for the entire tenure of the program.

(I) I am competent to make the above said declaration.
In witness whereof the executor has set his/her hand on this Bond in the presence of witnesses on the day and the year as written below.


7. Payment Details

Your child’s place in the program will only be secured once payment has been made